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Bloomberg: The Social Web Means Business & Sept 12 Webinar

Rob Harles, BloombergThe Social Web Means Business

by Green Star Solution

A Bloomberg article about How Zappos has created a new e-commerce site with Pinterest describes how the emergence of the social web means business, and is not only impacted by electronic and mobile commerce but by social commerce. Digital commerce and online customer behavior are changing rapidly now that the typical shopping experience has moved beyond traditional brick-and-mortar and Internet sites to include evolving and expanding digital platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, and Pinterest. The online shopping experience has been enhanced with localization, personalization, instant price comparisons and reviews along with 24/7access via iPad/Tablet, mobile and computer devices. Social sharing indicators are reflecting positively on e-commerce sales, and as online sales continue to rise, retailers and e-tailers will focus their digital social efforts, driving competition and vying for customers’ attention, purchases, and engagement.

With savvy use of technology, data management and customer service, the shopping process will become more streamlined. How we shop, buy and share will change exponentially as more information is leveraged to feature products in creative ways and define what we, our family/friends and others “like”, “tweet”, “pin” and “pinpoint”.

As digital commerce emphasizes ease and security, shoppers will have more options and benefits to score the next deal and find.

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* How to Build Audiences
* How to Generate Real Value in Social Media
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